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Music Theory Lessons

The value of learning music theory cannot be overestimated. The technical aspects of playing a musical instrument are important, but without an understanding of the music you play, your performances will always be limited.

Whether you need extra lessons for your grade 5 theory, want to learn enough to understand your favourite song (or write one yourself), or just want to learn something new, sign up for a free trial music theory lesson today!

Ballpoint pen on paper with written musical notes

Have you ever tried learning a language without any grammar? Perhaps you got a certain way; perhaps you could form some phrases and hold a simple conversation, but could you really claim to understand that language? Could you read its literature and understand the nuances and subtleties of its native phrases? In other words, could you ever claim to be fluent if all your knowledge is based on specific uses? It is the same with music practice and music theory.

It is possible to learn to play an instrument without at the same time gaining the ability to make music. This is why we study music theory, why we look at what a composer, song-writer or musician is doing when they write music they way they do. It's not just forms that we study in music theory, though these are important illustrations, it also informs us about the style of our playing.

Music theory is about articulations, combinations of rhythms, the colours we use to convey an artists intentions, when to use the pedal, and when to refrain. And yes, it is also about harmony and the almighty circle of fifths. All this may sound complicated, but taken one step at a time, much of what we can study here may well turn out to be no more difficult than arithmetic. 

If you have learnt an instrument in the past, but, as is all too common, skipped over theory in favour of practical drills, book a lesson with me and become a better musician! Similarly, if you are currently learning an instrument and would like to take extra theory lessons, I am more than happy to help there. I am also prepared to offer additional support to those taking grade five music theory (ABRSM). Contact me today for a free trial lesson!

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