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Learn Piano Today: In-person or Online

Most people will say, when pressed, that one of their regrets in life is not learning to play an instrument. There is something fundamental and essential in music, whether for the listener or the performer, that speaks to our very souls as human beings. Nowhere on Earth can any culture be discovered without it. It does not matter whether it takes the form of beating drums in poly-rhythms or performing a Mozart concerto. Music is perennial, omnipresent, and effervescent.

Woman playing the piano

It is best to learn piano as a child

At any stage of life we might decide the time has come to take up an instrument and, of course, that is fine and good. But there can be no denying that the best time is as a child, when our brains operate like sponges and our muscles are ever adaptive. At this stage, for the committed student, the options are endless. They might perform Jazz or Blues, Pop or Rock, or even attend a conservatory and become a classical musician.

Why delay? There are no drawbacks. Studies have shown that learning an instrument improves academic performance in other areas. It has now become akin to common knowledge that the study and production of music nurtures the soul. As Congreve wrote: "Music has airs to soothe the savage Breast, To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak. I've read that things inanimate have mov'd. And, as with living Souls, have been inform'd."

Music, unlike almost any other subject, can form a part of the identity of the student. It offers them companionship throughout their life, whether they choose to gain employment with it or not. That is why any child should learn an instrument.

Why the piano? Simply put, the piano is the fundamental instrument. Without the piano, composition would be difficult if not impossible. It is possible to arrange almost any music for the instrument. Many schools of music require at least some acquaintance with the piano as a condition of entry.

Sign up for a free trial lesson today

You may sign up for a free trial lesson today by using the booking form here.

The trial lesson would be half and hour, after which you may choose to sign up for 1-hour or 30-minute lessons. There are no strings attached, and you may also decide piano lessons are not for you.

Give it a go today and invest in your child's future.

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