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Learn Piano with Online Lessons

There are many reasons why you should want to learn piano, but why not learn in the most convenient way? Whether you want to study to enrich your own life or to broaden the horizons of your children, online piano lessons can be a rewarding and convenient option.

Learn piano with an experienced and passionate teacher. I have taught all ages and abilities, from beginners to grade 8 and beyond. Everyone, at whatever age, can benefit from learning to understand music. 

Why choose online piano lessons?

Perhaps you have a busy schedule. Perhaps you work demanding hours and just don't feel like travelling. Perhaps you have to be in many places at once and one more is going to drive you over the edge. Well, try online piano lessons!

You, or your child, can study from the comfort of your own home, on your own instrument. With modern technology, online lessons can be delivered seamlessly over the internet. I use professional quality audio and video equipment to ensure the best and most enjoyable experience.

Whatever your age, try a free online piano lesson! Music is for everyone, and my purpose is to help as many people as possible gain a deeper understanding of the music they listen to, and yes, play.

Music Sheets

What to expect from your online piano lessons

I believe fervently in tailoring lessons to the student, not the student to the lessons. Everyone is different, has different goals and learns at a different pace. If you want to pursue music as a profession, I can help you with that, but this represents a minority of music students. Most want to learn the piano because they recognize the inherent value of music and its ability to enhance our quality and enjoyment of life. It is, in itself, a satisfying and fulfilling activity.

Some, perhaps, want to learn so they can show off their skills. That's fine too! Although playing for the joy of playing is the surest way to achieve success.


In my online lessons, we will follow what is called a simultaneous learning approach. What this means is that each piano lesson will combine many different musical skills to produce fluency in the language of music, and not only technical proficiency on the keyboard or piano. 

Contact me to book a free trial online piano lesson. If you enjoy it, as I'm sure you will, we can agree a permanent slot. And if not, that's ok too.

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