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Taking on New Piano Students for September

Michael Hegarty playing the piano

Looking for something new to enrich your child's life and future? Try private piano lessons. Music not only practices skills, such as focusing on complex tasks and concentration, but becomes a part of their life. By learning to play an instrument like the piano, your child will permanently enhance the whole of their life.

Spaces available to start in September

I have a number of spaces available for students who wish to begin learning piano in the start of the new academic year. Apply now for a free trial lesson!

I offer lessons both online and, if you live in or around Dundee, face-to-face. For face-to-face lessons, I charge £15 for half and hour or £30 for one hour. Online lessons are offered through a platform called Forte, which is specifically designed for teaching remotely and has numerous tools for ensuring the best possible quality audio and sound--so, even if you can't attend in person, your child will still receive an engaging and stimulating musical education.

Face-to-face lessons are offered at my home studio. All my classes are taught on a first-rate digital piano, which even has real hammers like an acoustic.

Learn with an Experienced and Passionate Teacher

As a passionate and dedicated teacher, I have successfully les many students through ABRSM and Trinity exams. I believe fervently in the power of music to enhance and improve the quality of life of anyone who studies it. As such, I always try to get the best from my students, through patience and careful guidance.

The key to success at learning piano is to learn not only to play the notes, but for the student to understand the music they are playing and to acquire the fundamental techniques necessary to realize it convincingly. To this end, I always combine music theory and technique in my lessons with learning a wide range of repertoire in different genres.

Find out Whether your Child Enjoys Music with a Free Trial Lesson

The first piano lesson is always free! Without feeling any obligation whatsoever, your child can try playing and see if they enjoy it. Just contact me using the form on this site to find out more!

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